Build a successful business because of these two things (hint: anyone can have them free)

When you look around you, listen to people’s aspirations, dreams, and goals, there’s probably this one thing you have heard many times already. Many people are looking for ways to do work that matters – – for the following reasons: To solve other people’s problems Solving other people’s problems bring them joy and give them … Read more

Best business to start: Is there anything like that really or is it just an idea people have?

The quick answer to this question would be yes and no. But there is more. Interesting bits that will take a few more words and make everything way clearer. Want more than the yes and no answer? Good. First, I’d like to tell you what inspired this post. There have been many searchers to this … Read more

To start a business when you can’t find a job – Are you thinking this?

What would you do if you spent so long looking for a job and everywhere you went you got that look that screams, ‘Sorry, we’d love to have you on our team, but right now all the positions in the company are filled!’ Of course, you’d try a number of things. You’d, for example, try … Read more

5 things business owners should know about giving refunds – money back guarantees

In business, there are a lot of things that happen every time someone with money and in need of a particular product or service meets with another, who is willing or can be convinced to charge a certain amount of money to fulfill that need. Money to business, promises to customers Money exchanging hands is … Read more

Shark Tank TV show: 5 lessons for founders of the millions of businesses who have watched it

Some say that Kenyans have a tendency to show great interest when something unusual happens in or outside the country and is given a lot of airtime on local television. What do you mean unusual? Breaking news touching on the endless drama we are used to seeing and hearing about in politics, the introduction of … Read more

How do I take my business idea seriously

If you have to wonder and think this it means two things: That you’ve either settled on a business idea but don’t know the next step you should take – may be the hesitation on your part is due to you having doubts about whether to proceed with the idea or not, or, You just … Read more

4 responsibilities business owners owe to their customers

Sometimes business is not business, even when we insist it is. After all, business is not just about sticking hands in someone’s purse or pocket and taking as much money as you can – in exchange for something. It isn’t also about doing all manner of things to get a product or service for almost … Read more

How your business can get more loyal & repeat customers

Do you want more loyal customers? Most businesses do. Yours would also do better with more repeat customers coming through the door, right? You have probably heard that it is easy for a customer to open their wallet and do business with you the second, third, fourth, tenth or twentieth time compared to the first time they … Read more

Starting your first online business working from a cyber café

When you settle on an idea for your online business and decide to take the next step, which is implementation, you will quickly realize how much the internet is vital in starting, growing it and connecting with others. This realization stops some people from going on with their idea, simply because of reasons like: I … Read more

5 reasons why many are afraid of scaling down the size of their idea to start their business with as little money as possible

Many people have great business ideas, know what they want, how much funding they need to start, how to get their first customer and all that. Sometimes they might even have a product ready for the market. What they might not have is the capital to turn their idea into a business. When we talk … Read more

7 ways your online business can make money and be profitable

In this post, you’ll learn about five ideas you can turn into online businesses with little capital. On top of that, you will also learn  different ways to make money from them. Let’s start with:.. 1. Apps One way to start an internet business is to come up with a great idea for an app, … Read more

Want to save money to start a business? Here are 2 things you must do to be successful at this

One of the big hurdles entrepreneurs usually come across in their quest to turn their ideas into businesses is getting capital. Where, and how to get it is one big question that has no one single answer. Previously we’ve looked at some questions one can ask to figure out if taking a loan from a … Read more

Business ideas: Where can I get them? In the 5 places listed here?

Businesses, big or small, start as ideas. Ideas that then turn into entities people are willing to buy from. Finding an idea can be easy. It can also be hard. And sometimes you just stumble across something and the switch in there ‘tween your ears fill you with amazing possibilities. Therein might lie the idea … Read more

7 reasons to start your own home business (plus questions to help you get started right away)

What is a home business? Mainly business run from home by an individual or a team. Most of these businesses start as a hobby, as an enjoyable way to pass time and when the business reaches a point where it can attract money – because of the solution clients or customers pay for, voila, it … Read more

5 things to do before adding your business to an online business directory website

Most online business directories are open to accept listing from owners of various businesses from owners living in areas targeted by their websites (note that some are exclusive to particular counties, towns, cities or industries): brick and mortar, online only, new or ones that have been in existence for long, small or big. The motivation to list … Read more