How to buy Telkom Kenya data bundles

Want to buy data bundles by Telkom Kenya but are spoilt for choice? Looking at the menu on your phone right now, you may be wondering which bundle would suit your needs.

I will take you through some of the bundles you can purchase via the *544# USSD code or online via the My Account section on the Telkom Kenya website.

How to buy Telkom Kenya data bundles

Most of the bundles can be bought via the menu you get when you dial *544#. So, any time you want to make a purchase:

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  • just dial *544#
  • select option 4: DATA Bundles
  • and purchase the bundle you want.

There are other USSD codes you can use to get to the 544 menu. For example, you can dial *100# or *123# then select option 4: Data bundles.

If you want to borrow data (Pewa data), you can just dial *133# or access the bundles via the 544 code.

You can also go to My Account section to purchase bundles provided you have sufficient airtime on your line.

If I want to buy the 100 MB at KSh 20 bundle valid for 1 day, here’s what I’ll do:

  • Dial *544#
  • Select option 4: Data bundles
  • Select option 1: 1 Day Bundles
  • Select option 3: 100 MB @ 20/-
  • Select option 2: Buy Once. If I want the bundle to be renewed automatically every 24 hours, I’ll select Auto Renew.
  • Select option 1: Confirm.

Telkom Kenya daily bundles

Telkom Kenya daily bundles last for 24 hours.

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From the moment of purchase, you have 24 hours to use all your data.

Some of the bundles come with free WhatsApp, while some come with extra free night data.

Here’s a look at the bundles available under the ‘daily bundles‘ menu.

  • WhatsApp 50MB at Kenya shillings 5
  • 40MB at KSh 10
  • 100MB at KSh 20
  • 500MB + 500MB Night at KSh 49
  • 2GB + 2GB Night Data at Kenya Shillings 99
  • Night 5GB at KSh 39 Midnight to 6 am
  • Pewa Data bundles.

Telkom Kenya weekly bundles

Telkom Kenya weekly bundles last only 7 days from the time of purchase.

They are a good choice for light browsing especially if you want your data to last the whole 7 days without resorting to buying a daily bundle to keep you going.

Plus all the bundles come with free WhatsApp.

At the time of writing this post, there are three different bundles under the ‘weekly bundles‘ menu.

Take a look below at the bundle sizes and pricing:

  • 200 MB at KSh 49
  • 500 MB at KSh 99
  • 2 GB at KSh 249

Telkom Kenya monthly bundles

If you don’t want to worry about purchasing data bundles every single day or week, Telkom Kenya has a variety of monthly bundles you can choose from.

The cheapest one starts at 249 Shillings (and gets you 1 GB) while the priciest bundle on the list goes for 2,999 Shillings (and gets you 40 GB).

Monthly bundles are good if you are already familiar with your daily data consumption habits so when you spend on a ‘monthly‘ chances are you’ll go past day 25 with data still left to take you all the way to the thirtieth day.

Here are some of the bundles under this category:

  • 1 GB at Kenya Shillings 249
  • 4 GB at 499 Kenya Shillings
  • 10 GB at KSh 999
  • 25 GB at KSh 1999
  • 40 GB at KSh 2999
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Telkom Kenya Mzito Combo data bundles

Mzito combo bundles combine minutes, text and data. You can use them to call, SMS and browse the internet.

Since the focus of this post is data, I am only going to list the amount of data you get with each plan under the Mzito Combo menu:

  • 3 GB + free night data at KSh 499 – valid for 30 days
  • 8 GB + free night data at KSh 999 – valid for 30 days
  • 17 GB + free night data at KSh 1999 – valid for 30 days

To purchase Mzito data bundles, do the following:

  • Dial *544# (or just jump directly to the Mzito menu by dialing *544*6#)
  • Select option 4: DATA Bundles
  • Select option 3: 30 day bundles
  • Scroll to the bottom, to option no. 6: Mzito combo bundles
  • Select option 1 if you want the 3 GB + 100 ALL Minute + 100 SMS plan at KSh 499
  • Select Confirm.

Telkom Kenya Holla data bundles

Like, Mzito combo bundles above, Holla bundles combine text, voice and data in all three plans. I wrote a post about this earlier. I am not going to mention the text and voice component of the Holla bundles but only the component that deals with data.

  • Holla – Data bundle size: 10 MB Cost: KSh 10 Validity: 24 hours.
  • Holla Plus – Data bundle size: 50 MB Cost: KSh 20 Validity: 24 hours.
  • Holla Premium – Amount of data: 200 MB Cost: KSh 49 Expires in: 3 days.

Purchase Holla bundles by:

  • Dialing *544#
  • Selecting option 4: Data Bundles
  • Selecting option 3: 30 Day Bundles
  • Selecting option 6: Mzito bundles
  • Selecting option 4: Holla (Voice + DATA + SMS). You can also get to this step by dialing *100*3*1#.
  • Selecting option 2 if you want to buy Holla Plus bundle
  • Selecting Buy Once or Auto Renew. Note also that there’s a third option. You can use it to Unsubscribe.

Telkom Kenya All in One Monthly data bundles

Note that Telkom’s All in One Monthly data bundles also combine text, voice and data into most of the plans under this category. But there are some that when purchased only gets you data.

Pricing ranges from Kenya Shillings 499 / 500 to KSh 999 / 1000.

Then there are some bundles that cost more than one thousand Shillings.

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I’ve omitted the text and voice component of the bundles I’ve listed below mainly because I wanted this post to be all about the different data bundles Telkom subscribers can purchase and use on their smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

Here are the bundles:

  • 3 GB + 7X free nights data at KSh 499
  • 4 GB + free WhatsApp at KSh 499
  • 8 GB + free night data at KSh 999
  • 10 GB + free WhatsApp at KSh 999
  • 17 GB + free night data at KSh 1999
  • 25 GB + free WhatsApp at KSh 1999
  • 40 GB at KSh 2999

To purchase an All in One Monthly bundle, dial *544# then go to option #3: ALL in one monthly Bundles.

Telkom Kenya night bundles

The main night data bundle I’ve seen is the one that costs 39 Shillings. That bundle can only be used from midnight to 6 am. And during that time you get 5 GB to use as you please.

Then there are other bundles with a night data component such as the daily 500 MB and daily 2 GB bundles.

Here’s the list (showing you the bundle size and price):

  • 500 MB + 500 MB Night Data at 49 Shillings.
  • Night 5 GB at 39 Shillings (midnight to 6 am) available via *544# -> #4:DATA Bundles -> Daily bundles option -> option no. 6.
  • 2 GB + 2 GB Night Data at Kenya Shillings 99 available via *544# -> #4: Data Bundles -> Daily bundles option -> option #5.

Telkom Pewa Data bundles

I wrote a post about borrowing airtime and data on a Telkom line a few days ago and I thought it a good idea to also include Pewa data bundles in this post.

Obviously the kind of data bundles one can borrow will vary from subscriber to subscriber because, like Safaricom Okoa Jahazi, Telkom pegs what you get on your activity as a subscriber. The more you top up and spend money on their various voice, text and data plans, the bigger the Pewa airtime and data bundles you’re able to borrow. At least I think so.

At the moment, here are the Pewa data bundles Telkom Kenya has made available to me – in case I need them:

  • 80 MB at KSh 20
  • 400 MB at KSh 50

How to borrow Telkom Kenya data bundles

  • Dial *544# then select option 7 to see the PEWA data you can borrow.
  • Or just dial *133# to access the PEWA menu.

Check Telkom Kenya data bundle balance

To check how much data you have left

Have anything you’d like to add? Let me know in the comments section below.

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