Build a successful business because of these two things (hint: anyone can have them free)

When you look around you, listen to people’s aspirations, dreams, and goals, there’s probably this one thing you have heard many times already.

Many people are looking for ways to do work that matters –

– for the following reasons:

To solve other people’s problems

Solving other people’s problems bring them joy and give them more reasons to keep working hard to better themselves.

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They believe they can do work that matters

They have come to the realization that they don’t need to wait for encouragement from those close to them to do what they are itching to do.

They also know that there’ll be lots of opposition from people who don’t see the importance in and the meaning they give to their ideas and dreams.

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They do it to earn money

Not just for them. They point their hearts in the direction of selflessness – and are glad to share the little they get with their families, parents, siblings, friends, relatives and even strangers in need.

You, me – we share these dreams and ideals as well.

One of the ways to achieve all this – to do work that matters – is by starting a business. Something I know you are interested in.

What are the two things I am talking about?

The two that can help you start and build a successful business?

1. Confidence

No matter how doubtful you may be at times, you should always know that you have the strength to shake off all that doubt, be confident again and continue working on your dreams.

Fear and doubt come in when you start asking yourself questions when you start wondering if you have what it takes when you look at other successful business owners and focus on their luck (not yours), when you focus on the things you lack…

I believe in you. I am certain that you are confident enough to know what it is you should be doing with what you already have.

Truth be told, we all think we want more to do work that matters. And that’s true in some cases.

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But then again, you can leverage your confidence and choose to use what you have rather than wait till everything is perfect – which can be a very long time to wait.

No matter how much you doubt yourself, do the right thing. Which is to stand up and choose to work on your dreams, to hold other people’s hands, to share and solve problems.

2. Dreams

We all have them: You, your parents, me, your best friend.

Don’t give up on them.

Use them to inspire you, to remind yourself of the great potential God gave man.

Use them to remind yourself of the great things you could achieve for yourself and others.

And most importantly, work on them. For that’s the only way to make them real.

Spend as little time as possible on those things that just wastes your time – to dedicate the extra time you get to making your dream of building a successful business a reality.

It might be television or just talking about what you want but actually never doing the necessary work to turn your idea into a real business.

Deep down, your dreams hold a special place in your heart compared to the activities that take away your time in return for very little.

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But a few times you’ll find yourself still indulging in them be because, once in awhile, you can’t help but wonder if you can achieve all the grand dreams you have – the dreams of becoming successful in business.

Shake the doubt if it cripples you and makes it hard for you to work on the things you know you should be working on.

When you do that you will have more time to:

  • Learn. Read books, ebooks, articles…sign up for courses.
  • Commit. Work, putting in more effort instead of just dreaming

Pick something from this article and use it to build your dreams. I know you can do that.

You can start by believing in your ability to turn things around; to believe in your dreams, then in your own way start building the foundation for your business.

Thank you for reading this.

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