Becoming a better person will be easier once you understand this

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to improve a certain area in your life and make things better for you as a person but:

  • didn’t know where to start
  • looked for someone to guide you and encourage you only to realize no one was forthcoming or you were discouraged by someone you trust, and therefore just gave up
  • thought you were fine and saw no need to improve
  • thought you couldn’t do it because for a reason you think you are not like the high achievers you hear about in the news
  • decided against it because you knew it would take a lot of time, patience, lifestyle change and persistence
  • thought you were too young or too old, and therefore didn’t take action
  • worried what others would think about you or say behind your backs
  • hesitated because you didn’t want to get alienated from your family or loose your friends
  • you found yourself filling your head with excuses that soon you simply decided against improvement
  • stopped because you hate people telling you what to do and making you feel like you are the only person who doesn’t know how to run their life
  • you felt so overwhelmed by the many things baying for your attention every single day
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This article provides a platform where you, me and other users can connect, to encourage each other, build each other, guide each other and together work to be better people.

It is about working to improve minds and character. It is all about edification.

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Each one of us has goals.

In order to achieve the many goals, time is needed.

Patience is needed.

Persistence is needed.

But this is not all.

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Each one of us need people and content to help us improve our minds and make them ready to welcome, keep and improve the better things waiting for us. is one of those places, where you’ll find the people and content to help you in your journey.

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This is one place where you and me will get to hold each other’s hand and use all the powers God has given us to add meaning, peace, love and achievement in our lives.

What do I need to know about making an area in my life better?

This is a question I have asked myself several times during the years. For a while I thought I could only make an area in my life better if I expected or got something in return. My thinking went something like this:

  1. Want me to be a better person, then stop laughing. Don’t criticize me. Don’t tell me I am but a dreamer. Encourage me, praise me or else I won’t bother.
  2. Want me to be a better child? Then why did (or didn’t) you do A,B,C,D for me! See what you’ve turned me into?
  3. Why are you telling me how to live a good life and be happy, if you yourself, live such a terrible and an unhappy life?
  4. So, you were never really my friend (cared for me), you were just, hanging out with me because of A,B,C,D?
  5. I cannot do or improve A,B,C,D because I was never taught how to…
  6. I never had the chance to…so you can’t expect me to/I won’t bother to take the necessary steps to teach myself/find someone to teach me to learn and eventually do things better and better.

Now, are things different for that person that used to be?

Yes. Now I have taken steps to do things differently.

I take advice and take time to learn where it is coming from.

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But most of my energy, afterwards, is channeled on deciding if the advice is good or bad.

If it is good, the next thing is to find ways to incorporate it into my decisions even if in tiny bits at a time.

If a father is a heavy drinker and he does his best to help his son stay away from the bottle, the son should focus on the reasons why he shouldn’t drink, not on why his father is telling him the opposite of what his actions shows him.

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I strive to be a better person not because I’ll be liked, envied, praised or be called a role model. I choose to do it for me because I have the power to do it and live it every day. I do it and talk about it to people who want to do the same or even better. I don’t do it for my ego.

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If a person constantly talks about their dreams and achievements to feel awesome, it’s time for them to re-examine their life and come with something better.

I fail, as I have done so many times before, but I catch myself most of the times when I am about to blame someone for my poor results.

At times I sit in a quiet corner in a room by myself and think I must be the biggest loser I’ve ever met. Me, being hard on myself.

Catch yourself every time you go about calling yourself names, and then say something like, ‘I love myself’, ‘I believe in second chances’, ‘No need complaining’, ‘No need blaming’, ‘Valuable lessons come in success and failure alike’, ‘I learnt the following from this…’, ‘God loves me’, ‘Such is life, but here is what I want to do now’

I know that success takes time. How much, no one really knows. But the best examples show that they take years, even the overnight success stories. So I am putting in my time, knowing that one day people will be inspired with my overnight success.

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I learn from so many teachers but that is no reason to take their advice and make them my decisions.

I take all the lessons and still give myself an opportunity to use my brain (to think through things and come up with my own stuff) – because that is one of the many reasons I was given one.

Don’t underestimate yourself in the presence of so-called experts. Don’t refuse to think because someone says they have already done your homework for you. No one does that. It’s never that easy. It is never all smiles. You must sweat. Sometimes you’ll feel like crying, especially when you feel that success, the better life and everything good seems to elude you. Learn and work.

The good and bad critics, they’ll always be there.

The people who’ll (and the things that will) line up in front of you, to push you back when you put in the effort to make an area in your life better, will be so many.

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If you’ve let them stop you before, give them the unexpected this time.

Through your actions, show them, you know what you want. Study them and their potential plans.

Then don’t whine, complain or blame them (critics) much because that’s one of the easiest ways for them to know your plan and how to cripple you. I’ve learnt that doing this keeps the real haters in the dark. They shout, but you don’t. They pee all over your business but you mind your business, not theirs. They become a little successful than you and flaunt it but you stay calm because you measure success differently. Eventually, you still get what you want (a better life) and become the person you want to be (a better person).

I hear lots of stories of young people and children achieving mean feats and comments from so many older people who are terrified of such. ‘How did they do it?’ Is a question they usually ask, followed by a quick assessment of their lives.

I am not saying that everyone is like that. But when such stories drives you to the point where you can’t do something good (improve an area in your life) because you think you are too old or too young that is a problem right there.

A problem that can be solved now. By you!

Give yourself a chance to create something better. Don’t let your age get in the way, even when so many people around you reminds you of it and how that’s a problem you don’t want to mess with. No one said you can only write a book, become a mentor, stop pitying yourself, forgive someone or yourself, learn a new language, quit (a bad) or embrace (a good) habit, volunteer your knowledge, look for the love you chased away only when you are a certain age.

So, why do it? Why strive for better – to be a better person?

There are so many reasons why. Here at, you’ll learn to do it because you’ve been given the power to live better – by God Almighty.

You do it because it is a choice you make.

You do it because it is actually beneficial to your life.

You do it because you’ve been given the power to do it and you make the decision to use this power, for a better you.

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