About Niabusiness WordPress blog section


My name is Philos Mudis. I am a freelance writer who loves to to use and teach about WordPress. I am the founder of Niabusiness.com.

I started this section of the blog for two reasons:

  1. to get clients
  2. to teach people what I know about WordPress

For clients who want to hire me to write for them, here is what you should know

I provide content writing services for:

  • Other WordPress blogs. For owners of blogs publishing content related to WP core, themes, plugins, news and reviews.
  • Companies offering WP related services. For example entities that offer the following services: design, tweaks, development, support and consultations.
  • Companies selling WP related products. For example businesses that sell plugins, themes, third party integrations, WooCommerce & BuddyPress related extensions and more.
  • Other blogs publishing articles, guides, tutorials, reviews, ebooks, online courses, email campaigns and lead magnets in niches under the following broad categories: small business, CMS, e-commerce, blogging, media and publishing.

To hire me, just get in touch. Tell me what you want via email. Use the contact form here to do so.

In the email:

  • Give me a rough idea of what you want (keywords, URL or post titles for example)
  • Mention how you like your finished articles (sent back to you via email, Google Docs, uploaded to your WordPress backend)
  • Give me a rough outline (for H2s and H3s) if you want
  • Tell me about the word count you have in mind (minimum, maximum or if you are okay with me making that choice on my own)
  • Tell me about your estimated budget. What you envision paying for the finished copy in USD.
  • Tell me where the content I write will be finally published.
  • Mention any other thing you’d like me to take into consideration when writing an article, email, sales page, product page, tutorial or review for you.

For readers who want to learn more about WordPress from the articles published on this blog, here is what you should know

I write and publish articles on various WordPress plugins and WordPress themes on Niabusiness.com. Here is what I cover under each.


For WP plugins, you will find articles on the following:

  • New plugins you should know about.
  • Where to buy WordPress plugins – if you want to upgrade to pro versions.
  • How to use the plugins you already know about on your self-hosted WordPress site.
  • How to install and setup said plugins.
  • Plugins you should install to add certain functionalities to your WordPress blog or website. This is where I write posts on various categories of plugins such as SEO, security, lead generation, Facebook, Google, Amazon, ecommerce, page builders and more.
  • News related to various WordPress plugins and WordPress core.


For WP themes, you will find articles on the following:

  • Theme customization tips. Tips to help you enhance how your site looks and increase conversions.
  • WordPress themes in various categories e.g. WP themes for businesses, online shops, writers, affiliate marketers, agencies, hotels, law firms, restaurants, content sites monetized with ads and more.
  • Where to buy premium themes.
  • Where to go if you want a developer to make some tweaks.
  • Free WordPress themes you can download and start using immediately.
  • WP navigation / menus, widgets and theme customizer.

To read my most recent articles, click on Niabusiness.com. The link will take you to the WP category on Niabusiness.

I also publish free ebooks from time to time and make them available to readers of this site. To see the current titles available for download, head to the Free Ebooks page here. Click on a title you want to read and sign up via email to get the download link.

For my free online courses, sent out to readers as emails, go to the Courses page. Click on a course you want, sign up via email and enjoy the content.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and what I offer here on Niabusiness.com. I like meeting like-minded individuals. So, if you see content on Niabusiness that points to common interests, shoot me an email.

Tell me about yourself. Tell me what you do. You never know, we might even bump onto each other someday.

If you have any WordPress related questions you want answered, get in touch. If I can answer your questions, I’ll do so. If your questions go beyond the scope of what is covered on Niabusiness, I’ll try my best to send you links to resources that can best answer your questions.

Alright, here is the link to my most recent blog posts once more: Niabusiness.com. And the contact form I mentioned earlier, you will find it here.

Philos Mudis.