Domain name registration for your WordPress blog or website

If you want a domain name for your blog or website, hosting can help you with choosing and registering one for your new or existing site. How much does it cost to register a domain name? The price of  a domain name is included in the cost of every hosting package we offer. That means Continue Reading »

Parents are not perfect – 5 things to remember when teaching your children this lesson

I love my dad and I love my mum, and I believe that you have parents who you cherish and love so much. I believe you are working hard, everyday, so that your children may experience everything that comes with love. You tend to them, laugh with them, hug and kiss them, read them stories, Continue Reading »

4 reasons why every business should start a blog – even if it doesn’t make them money

One thing you’ll notice when you take a closer look at the web is the small number of great blogs started and owned by businesses. You’ll also notice that most of these businesses have not yet made the decision to work with bloggers who run some really great blogs to leverage their clout to grow Continue Reading »

8 reasons why many bloggers and businesses never start an email list right when they launch their blogs or websites (and what you can do differently)

The one regret you hear a lot from effective bloggers who didn’t start building their email lists early is, ‘I should have started getting email subscribers early’. It is more like advice to new bloggers than a regret, but you get the point. But then this thing still continues. New blogs continue sprouting left and right without parts (at Continue Reading »

Should parents ever appear naked in front of their children, knowingly

A lot of things happen in different homes and different parents have different views on privacy. There are some who won’t wear clothes that are considered indecent in front of their children and relatives. You’ll never catch them kissing their spouse on the lips in the public, leave alone in front of their children, within Continue Reading »

How virtual assistants can prepare for work, clients (and be clear about what they want to do)

I hope, you’ve heard about how virtual assistants from Phillipines and other countries have been doing well (if you are a VA or have been thinking of becoming one, that is). It is time to put more Kenyan VAs within reach of more work and good pay. This article is a guide to help you Continue Reading »

6 reasons why some parents fight each other to have more control over the life of their children

Have you ever heard stories of parents fighting each other to the point where they pull their children in their own little war zone? I guess so. But why would they pull in the children, isn’t that a bad thing to do? Most of the time, you find a well-meaning parent pulling a child to their Continue Reading »

Starting a blog, choosing a topic, getting more traffic, creating great content, networking, making money online, best advice and more with Cindy Buccieri

In this interview, we welcome Cindy Buccieri of to share her knowledge and thoughts on how to start a blog, choose a topic for the blog, get more blog traffic, create quality content and network with other bloggers (and entrepreneurs). She also shares more, for example, how she grew her blog – how much effort she Continue Reading »

6 things parents can do to help their children stop harbouring feelings of hatred and bitterness towards them

In the Bible, children are instructed to honour their parents. Parents on the other hand are instructed not to embitter their children. The instructions are meant to make families stronger – and to fill the heart of each member with love. It is in the best interest of both parent and child to be able Continue Reading »