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Want to start a business? Here are 10 things to look at from the very beginning

If you want to start your business, there a lot of things you need to consider. Some of them are basics that gives businesses a strong foundation; a foundation strong enough to move a person from the idea phase to a profitable business that attracts lots of loyal customers. NOTE: Would you rather download this Continue Reading »

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Starting a blog, choosing a topic, getting more traffic, creating great content, networking, making money online, best advice and more with Cindy Buccieri

In this interview, we welcome Cindy Buccieri of CindyBuccieri.com to share her knowledge and thoughts on how to start a blog, choose a topic for the blog, get more blog traffic, create quality content and network with other bloggers (and entrepreneurs). She also shares more, for example, how she grew her blog – how much effort she Continue Reading »

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How training yourself to give your goals deadlines makes you a better person

Most people know that a goal is good when it has a deadline, but many never bother giving their goals deadlines. They don’t like the pressure that comes with deadlines. They’d rather just keep working on their goal and pray that things work for the best. This pattern keeps repeating itself in the lives of Continue Reading »

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Best business to start: Is there anything like that really or is it just an idea people have?

The quick answer to this question would be: yes and no. But there is more. Interesting bits that will take a few more words. And make everything way more clear. Want more than the yes and no answer? Good. First, I’d like to tell you what inspired this post. There have been many searchers to Continue Reading »

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The 4 responsibilities business owners must not shove to their customers

Sometimes business is not business, even when we insist it is. After all business is not just about sticking hands in someone’s purse or pocket and taking as much money as you can. It isn’t also about doing all manner of things to get a product or service for almost free by taunting the seller. Continue Reading »

Is forming a limited liability company in Kenya expensive?

Thinking of starting a business in Kenya or already have a business that you know you should register as a limited liability company (LLC) but for some reason you still haven’t made up your mind to see a lawyer for more information? I don’t know the current level or form your business is in right Continue Reading »

Business directories: When adding your listing to them remember these 5 tips

Do you own a business and would like to expose it to more potential customers online without spending a lot of money on advertisement? Have you thought about adding your business to a quality business directory – or two? There are many online business directories  that allows you to list your business in any of the many Continue Reading »

Twenty Thirteen Legend WordPress child theme showing post excerpts (continue reading, read more links)

Do you need a WordPress child theme for the Twenty Thirteen theme that displays post excerpts (with continue reading or read more links added to your blog posts)? You are in the right place. If you have always wanted to use the Twenty Thirteen theme but didn’t like how it displays posts in full in Continue Reading »

Stop procrastinating

Hi. Welcome to this section of Niabusiness.com. Here, you will find links to articles and other resources you can use if you want to procrastinate less and less, win back more time and actually do work that you care about. About the procrastination section of Niabusiness.com In Niabusiness.com/procrastination you can find resources to help you, Continue Reading »